15th October, Colour palette and print development

Using a Tim Walker image I drew out 7 colours I thought work well together and made multiple colour charts in varying proportions. Also, following on from the workshop on 1st I developed my drawings by choosing the best features and increasing their size and mounting onto A2 paper in preparation for making screen prints. I also played with photocopying to create repeat patterns and splicing to rearrange certain elements.

8th October, Exhibitions

As much as I found the Tim Walker exhibits curious, especially the historic Book of Hours and seeing where his inspiration has come from, I found Zandra Rhodes’ drawings and textiles contained plenty of repetition with circular and straight forms which could be a big influence on my panelled skirt design ideas.

1st October

Following on from yesterday’s lecture on the developments in Art education, and having been introduced to the significance of the Bauhaus, I developed observational drawings of the college buildings and utilised their aesthetic features. Working in black and white was important to see these drawings potential for print and repeated motifs.