28th April

Today I’ve continued the hand embroidery on the panels for the skirt of my no waste outfit. Unfortunately, having used all my green embroidery floss I’ve settled for autumnal colours for the leaves. I still need to repeat the process on the back of the skirt and attach the rest of the gathers before taking photos.

31, March

I downloaded the Piece of Cloth word document with instructions on constructing the bodice and skirt shape. Having washed the discharge print I cut the garment shapes from it and also made more gathers from the vintage print to attach when it’s constructed.

24th March,

As part of working from home, the task set was to make a 7 slide PowerPoint about my development of this project. I included the relevant information about the materials I started with, the large scale drawings developed for screen printing, my most relevant research and my sketches for garment design ideas.

3rd March, working large scale for screen exposure and exploring techniques on sewing machine

In the studio I worked from my small paisley drawings and white on black grid images and developed A2 ideas for screens. I’ve chosen to expose the houses print, with the rigid florals and the large cut out house and some smaller intricate details about the border. Working on the sewing machines I practiced gathering, seeing the relevance to my 1970s research. I applied the gathering to calico to form a shape I can manipulate around a mannequins shoulders and hips.

25th February, drawing development

Working with wax crayon, charcoal, fine liners, black paper and tipp-ex I studied the detail and pattern in my pre worn garment, my vintage fabric and details on the vintage garments around the studio. I interpreted the embellished paisley pattern on the gold tunic top, and developed a border pattern idea from the Indian dress. Using the house cross-stitch pieces I drew houses which developed into a rough grid or brick like pattern.